Got a great idea for a new tattoo but just cant put it down of paper? I would be happy to make your tattoo concept become an unique work of 'wearable' art.
Step 1:



Step 2:


Step 3:




Step 4:



Step 5:
You contact me with a tattoo concept in mind. It's also helpful if you can sketch me a rough drawing of how you see the composition looking.


I will email you a quote for the design.


In terms of payment you will need to pay the full amount of the quote up front. I will then start creating the outline of your design. Once you have approved the outline I will begin the coloured version.


When you are happy with the coloured version I will send you a link to download the high quality images. One of just the lines and another of the full colour version.


Examples of my work are shown below. Tattooed by Steve at Powerhouse Tattoo.